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Bad English: A History Of Linguistic Aggravation (2014)

by Ammon Shea(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
0399165576 (ISBN13: 9780399165573)
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review 1: It's hard to love language rules and spelling and words in general without being thought of as a geek (at best) or a grammar nazi (at worst). Ammon Shea is like the cult leader for word nerds. I still think Reading the OED is a spectacular book, in large part, because I can see myself endeavoring to do the same thing (I read encyclopedias as a kid). I was very excited to see this new offering on grammatical correctness. Unfortunately, this book does not allow Ammon's personality to shine through the way the OED book does. There are some great stories, and I learned some fun facts, but I'll keep recommending OED as Shea's must-read text.
review 2: 3 1/2 stars. This book presents a lot of information about grammar, and I really enjoyed that the author was objecti
... moreve in presenting various words, phrases, or rules that some view as correct or incorrect. It presented a lot of information, and then told "both sides" of the argument for or against that rule, including the history behind many rules or arguments. The only drawback, to me, was that I thought it could have been organized a bit better. I thought some of the chapters or way things were presented was a bit confusing, and that it could have probably been presented in a better way. This was really informative, and I enjoyed a lot of the history and background that was offered, in addition to the various rules and topics addressed. less
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Won this book early this morning and can't wait to read it! Will update my review when finished.
This was humbling. I will think twice before correcting someone else's English again.
fabulous, entertaining, illuminating, LOVED it!
Interesting, but a bit repetitive.
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