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Flight Of The Sparrow: A Novel Of Early America (2014)

by Amy Belding Brown(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
0451466691 (ISBN13: 9780451466693)
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review 1: How wonderful it was to discover a story about real people and places in a period of history that I had not closely examined. Living in southern New England, I am surrounded by this history, and this book makes me want to explore further. In the middle of the book, I found myself researching the history of the Pequot, Mohegan and Nipmuc Indians. The author gives wonderful insight into the Puritan society in 17th century New England, and the conflicts with the Native American tribes through the voice of a woman to whom we can relate.
review 2: One day in the winter of 1676, Mary Rowlandson witnesses the attack and massacre of her village, leaving only a few alive. The survivors are taken captive and made slaves to the native Americans that perpetrated the dee
... mored. Soon Mary finds herself in a society that she is totally unfamiliar with and a wilderness she has been taught to fear. While the full true story is lost to time, the author tries to flesh out the plot and characters so that we, the modern reader, may come to understand Mary's experience. However, Mary's own feminist attitudes and behavior are far too modern for my complete enjoyment of the story. less
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Love this book. Based on the life of an English woman in 1676.
Fascinating time period and historical details.
Brutal beginning but enjoyable novel.
Good historical read!
2.5 Stars
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