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A Stormy Knight (2013)

by Amy Mullen(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 1
Astraea Press
review 1: I really liked this from an early stage. The writing is good and research well done. We really get a feel for life in a medieval castle, which could be quite isolated and self-supporting. Lady Gemma lives in her father's castle on the Thames during the Anarchy, when King Stephen and Empress Maud are marching armies about trying to take over England. This is the same time period as the Cadfael books or The Pillars of the Earth. A boy that Gemma thinks she loves, vanishes overnight with his family, as people did in those turbulent times if they supported the wrong side. Several years later Gemma is unwed and waiting for her fostered-out brother, who has been knighted by the new King Henry, Maud's son and Stephen's nephew, to return with his bride-to-be. Her father is tak... moreen seriously ill and there is no sign of her brother. There have been strange accidents and deaths, and someone clearly wishes the household ill. As a true medieval lady of the castle, she takes command, sends soldiers out searching and sends a message to the king. In return the king sends a knight to secure the strategic castle - expecting him to marry into the household. Gemma is no shrinking violet, but there is nothing she can do, and the knight is Nicholas, her lost love, who believes that Gemma's family betrayed his all those years ago. Neither of them feels good about the other, but the evildoer is still at large and the King cannot be disobeyed. The romance is suitable for teens or older and the historical details are excellent.
review 2: Young Gemma finds true love at the ripe old age of twelve, all to have it ripped away and her heart trampled on by her love, Nicholas. After seven long years she has finally gotten over him and is ready to move on. However, due to the love lost she has developed a hardened heart and is not about to soften up to another and get married. She never will. Nicholas has been stripped away from the only girl he could ever love all to find out that her family is behind all of the tragedy his family has had to endure. He is determined to get his revenge and will stop at nothing. "There's a fine line between love and hate." These characters are no exception the the rule. This book is filled with excitement, mystery, and of course romance. If you love historical romance then you will love this book. The characters come alive and the author holds your interest with mystery and excitement all the way through. I look forward to reading many more from her. less
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I liked this book, I wanted to love it...probably more like 3.5 stars.
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