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Moms Are Nuts (2014)

by Amy Vansant(Favorite Author)
4.4 of 5 Votes: 1
0983719128 (ISBN13: 9780983719120)
Vansant Creations
review 1: This book really is for anybody. While I laughed through the stories I pictured my own mom in a lot of the dialogue. That is what makes it so great is that everybody probably has their own anecdote in this vein, so it makes us laugh and reminisce at the same time. Plus there are a wide variety of types of stories here, so there's something for everybody. I'm also the husband of a new mom so I'm starting to wonder what I might be in for.Great collection that you should check out.
review 2: Mom's Are Nuts is a wonderful collection of stories about moms that everyone can relate to, not that I'm calling my mom nutty, which I would never do because she is a saint. Instead, I related to the moms described in these funny essays. It warms the cockles of my heart to
... moreknow there are grown-up kids out there who can find the "funny" in every mom's struggle to raise useful contributors to society. You grown-up kiddos may mock us now, but just wait until you have children of your own. Nutty moms become something called "extraordinary grandmothers," and most of us relish every moment of it. P.S. There will be sugar. Make sure your dentist 's phone number is programmed into your cell phone. less
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Some stories very funny; some I didn't understand.
Loved this book!
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