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With Love And Laughter, John Ritter (2010)

by Amy Yasbeck(Favorite Author)
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1439150567 (ISBN13: 9781439150566)
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review 1: A loving tribute to a wonderful actor. I often think of John Ritter and still get teary eyed when I see him on tv, thinking that he left this world too soon and it could have been avoided with the proper tests and treatment. I first remember John when I was a little girl and he played the minister on one of my favorite shows, "The Waltons". I never really watched "Three's Company" as a child, because it came on at my bedtime and in the 70's, my Mom considered it a show not meant for children (the sexual undertones). Watching it in reruns years later (of course it is mild compared to what is on tv in today's world)I love John's humor and physical comedy. His true acting range is also shown in later years in one of my husband & mine's favorite movies, "Sling Blade". Re... moreading Amy's tribute to her husband, brought to light what a fun loving man he was. He loved his children, his family, his fans and life in general. Although John was taken too soon, he made every moment count. He left us all with wonderful memories and I will smile every time I see him on the screen.
review 2: I remember growing up watching Three's Company and I was a fan anytime John Ritter was in something in his later years. I loved "Noises Off" and his role as "Ted" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I didn't get into his last show much (I don't think we had DVR's yet) but I'm looking forward to going back and catching the dvds as well as watching some other things the book talked about. I have the entire dvd series of Wings and I was fan of Amy's (Casey) but I had no clue she could write such a moving book and I vaguely recall that she was married to John Ritter. The book is very personal. I found myself laughing picturing John acting up all the time, and moved to tears while his widow recalls their careers and their family life. Great Bio. less
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Nice reminiscences of her dear husband. Brought back many memories of this endearing actor.
I've read better books but it is an average read.
Cried sooo much.
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