Hybrid Week Jan’17: It’s a Wrap

We just wrapped up our January ‘Hybrid’ week, with the largest group of distance MDiv  students yet. A horde of students were on campus taking a variety of courses: Hebrew (Futato), Isaiah-Malachi (Reid), Preaching Lab A (Lanier, Greenwald, Osborne), Polity (Muether), Communication II (Kirk), Theology of Ministry (Glodo), and Classics of Personal Devotion (Muether).

It takes a LOT of snacks to keep the students going

The mornings kicked off with a brief chapel service of prayer, singing, and brief scriptural exhortation by faculty members. Then the gauntlet of courses (some folks took four!) began.

We gathered for lunch each day, including meals from 4Rivers, Chic-fil-a, Jason’s Deli, Papa John’s, and Tijuana Flatts. We also hosted our refreshment room stocked with enough calories to get students through the long days.

Some other highlights of the week were our Food Truck Night and a Women in Ministry movie night, allowing some of the residential WiM ladies to get to know the distance spouses and students. The library staff also hosted a well-attended library orientation.

We are also pleased to see that our first group of distance/hybrid MDiv students are on track to graduate in May. That’s a major encouragement for everyone!

Kudos to all the faculty and staff for their hard work—and to families and sending churches who helped make this all possible for the students.

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