Murder by the Slice (Sky High Pies Mysteries #1)

After her boss was murdered in Chicago, and a few other life events. Kate comes back to town to take over her family’s bakery so her parents can retire. However, her old life and as private investigator follows her back to Cresent Creek. After multiple break-ins and threatening letters, she calls in the police. Now with her ex-boyfriend, Trent, on the case, things are bound to get even more hectic.

We have seen bakers turned amateur detective, but I think this is the first book that I’ve read that the main character is a Private Investigator turn baker. I enjoy how this book took a spin on a common trope in this genre.

Though I found it was a little easy to figure out, that was fine because this book was so heavily focused on introducing the characters and their background with Kate. Since the reader is dropped into a town where Everyone knows everyone else. It’s nice to have the back story. We also get to see what Kate’s life was like when she was in Chicago.

I love the simple writing style that was used in this book. It was a very good start to this series.

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