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Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth (2000)

by Andrez Bergen(Favorite Author)
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review 1: In hindsight, I feel like I have been a half-star mentally harsh on the previous two Bergen works I've read. They still resonate with me after they were done, and this one seems to combine many of the great aspects of his writing in one hard to put down book. I mentally scoffed at the reference to Murakami in the liner notes, but, spot on. This puppy was full of the "Murakaminess" that makes me swoon. Being riveted by the most simple details and long descriptions of seemingly nothing, the mix of grounding to our world (and mentally placing me in 80's Melbourne instead of Japan) and the surreal, the flawed yet likable main character and the occasional mental land mines that sent me spinning and wanting to not put the thing down. Dug the call out to Heropa at the end an... mored appreciated that this work was able to reference comics etc, which is a passion I definitely do not share with the author, without boring or alienating those of us who don't dig 'em.Fantastic. Three works in to Bergen's catalog and he's hooked me and entered my tier of favorite authors.Can't wait to catch up on the stuff I've yet to read and look forward to what comes next.
review 2: Great read, once again I thoroughly enjoy Andrez Bergens characterisation, his snappy pace mixed with beautiful moments of reflection that gives you time to connect with his characters without being bogged down.Loved the music/literature references and his cheeky in house nods at his own work. All in all marvellous stuff, I could go on but I won't as I want to ask a question of Mr Bergen (as I know he pops in to Goodreads)The Elysium moments, whilst vividly described and a great little journey, were not very firmly tackled to my mind. A whole core of the story was cut and picked up months later and not much alluded too. I am never one to want everything spelled out but I would like to ask was this period avoided to add a mystique? Was it avoided as it was something you didn't have the time or inclination to tackle? Or did you not feel comfortable tackling mental health issues?All in all, great read. Keep up the good work! less
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I am desperate to read this. Looks SO SO SO INTERESTING.
I'm the writer. Of course I give it 5. ;)
Review to follow.
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