The North Side of the Sun (Tremontaine S1 Ep2) REVIEW

The North Side of the Sun by Alaya Dawn Johnson

Published November 4th 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 45

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

This “Fantasy of Manners” follows the lives and intrigues of four very different characters as they maneuver the cobblestone streets and glittering ballrooms of a city that never was. Nameless, but inspired by Elizabethan London, 18th century Paris, 1980s New York, and many others great cities both real and fictional, the setting of Tremontaine comes alive behind the colorful figures of Micah, Rafe Fenton, Ixkaab Balam, and of course: Diane, the Duchess of Tremontaine, a character well-met in the original series, but whose history has remained a mystery until now.

This episode focused more on Kaab and the customs of her people.

There’s still a lot of world building going on but the plot is starting to develop. In this episode, the reader discovers some of the conflicts going on in the city and some of the nobility’s gossip.

The plot is still slow but I’m really enjoying getting to know more about the characters so that, when something big happens, I won’t get lost.

I think this series has real potential ans I’m eager to read the next episodes.

Rating: 3,5 stars

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