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Most Talkative: Stories From The Front Lines Of Pop Culture (2012)

by Andy Cohen(Favorite Author)
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0805095837 (ISBN13: 9780805095838)
Henry Holt and Co.
review 1: OK, I'm a Housewife Fan. I admit it. And watching those crazy ladies led me to discover Andy Cohen who is a producer for Bravo TV and the host of one of the craziest shows on TV - Watch What Happens Live. He has a quirky sense of humor and is quick on his feet with sarcasm and ideas. I saw the audiobook was available and decided to listen to it. (I also picked up the print version to see the photos in it, which you miss by having the author read it to you!) Telling his story, Andy tells how he wanted to be a newsman since he was a little boy. Going through his life story you meet his parents and friends, and learn what it's like to be a gay child growing up in the midwest (St. Louis) when it wasn't as PC as it is now to be so. Turns out that Andy worked for CBS as ear... morely as college as an intern, and then after graduation went back and worked there for 10 more years. I never knew he had that background, just thought he was a pop culture guy who made it big. He tells stories of his obsession with Susan Lucci and All My Children, tricks he's played on - well- everyone, the time he was a Go-Go dancer at a B52 concert, and he dishes about Bravo TV shows, Top Chef, The Housewives etc. and all the big personalities behind the shows. Very amusing and cleverly written. He has a new book out in Nov. 2014 The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year. I plan on reading it too. Anyone could like this book, but those who know him on screen will enjoy it the most.
review 2: I like Andy Cohen. But I have to admit I like him a little bit less after reading this memoir. He's, um, not a great author. It's an easy, conversational read that could be a lot better if the storytelling were a little bit tighter. There are some pretty lame stories about practical jokes he's played on his family and other randomness that might translate well when told in person but they fall rather flat in book format. I did enjoy reading the parts about development and production on the Real Housewives and WWHL. And any book that contains multiple anecdotes about Susan Lucci (maybe even Lucci as an overarching theme) can't be all bad. less
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Adorable, hilarious, smart and funny! I love Andy:) east and fun read.
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