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I Am Not A Copycat! (2013)

by Ann Bonwill(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
0192745441 (ISBN13: 9780192745446)
Oxford University Press, USA
review 1: It has been said that emulating someone is the highest compliment possible, but when you want to be considered unique, having someone copy your every move can be annoying--even if the copycat is a friend. That's the case for Hugo the hippo. As he practices his moves for water ballet, Bella the bird somehow manages to copy them. As Hugo becomes increasingly annoyed, the two come to the attention of others at the pool who compliment their synchronized swimming. In the end, Bella is the one who decides to try something different, even if it is only a new ice cream flavor. The story and digital illustrations are both appealing and useful for a quick read-aloud. I smiled as I watched Bella's moves that emulated Hugo's.
review 2: All children go through the phase of
... moreeither they are copying someone they like or they are being copied by someone they are closed to, be it a friend from preschool/kindergarten, or their sibling(s). It usually ends with a drama of the one being copied gets upset at the one who's copying him/her. I can still recall vividly of my nephew's tears when he got so upset about his little sister kept on copying him on everything he did (she even wanted to wear his underpants...(-__-))This would be a good book to help both children to get through that phase. It will save the parents from the screaming hell, too. I am adding this book to the parenting shelf. I can see some parents finding this book helpful... less
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Would be fun to read at storytime with another librarian, similar to Elephant and Piggie.
Cute, but I think I liked "I don't want to be a Pea" better.
When is copying flattering? When is it just annoying?
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