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Seized By The Sheikh (2012)

by Ann Voss Peterson(Favorite Author)
2.23 of 5 Votes: 2
Mills & Boon Intrigue
Cowboys Royale
review 1: This was an awesome book that was so much better than the first book of the series. The hero was likable and wasn't the atypical obstinate and self righteous sheikh. The heroine was brave and smart and she didn't do anything stupid. I always hate when an author creates a stupid woman. And the plot was fantastic, there were plenty of twists and turns, and a couple sub plots that added to the story. And it was the perfect murder mystery, everything was laid out for the reader pretty early on but who the murderer was is very unexpected. 5★'s!!!
review 2: what does a cowgirl and sheik have in common she is the Secretary of foreign affairs she is there to prevent more damageto the coin she bring them to ta ranch near her home in wym the trouble begins with
... more the murder of the sheiks cousin in the desertand then callie and sheik find the body . there is trouble brewing in wym desertwho did and why are there is so much involved and can there be true love you will have to read and see it less
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Acceptable. Not vintage Peterson
Miniseries: Cowboys Royale
Miniseries: Cowboys Royale
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