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Red Orchestra: The Story Of The Berlin Underground And The Circle Of Friends Who Resisted Hitler (2009)

by Anne Nelson(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
1400060001 (ISBN13: 9781400060009)
Random House
review 1: The book was interesting, but I found it hard to connect some of the various elements of this group. I imagine that is because the group was so complex and varied to begin with, so it's more because of the group itself than any problem with the book. This fits in well with "In the Garden of Beasts" by Erik Larson. I read that first, so that was a terrific warmup to this story. And I enjoyed reading this story.
review 2: In reality, this is a three and a half star history book, because it is not particularly engaging in its writing style; but the story itself is riveting. If, like me, your knowledge of German resistance to Hitler is limited to Bonhoeffer and the July Plot, this will open your eyes to the bravery and naiveté of those that faced Hitler. The t
... moreerror of their final fate is pitiful, not least because the Nazis found it so easy to crush them once betrayed. Perhaps more pitiful is the manipulation of their story by East and West after the war. The book is a timely corrective. less
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I enjoyed this book and the amount of research compiled is impressive.
Recommended by a lady I met with the Rice Women's Alumni group.
Compelling story of the Nazi resistance from within Germany.
Interesting pair with Road to Canaan.
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