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Of Pets And Pleasures (2000)

by Annette Gisby(Favorite Author)
2.79 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Some aspects of this I really quite liked. It was sweet in its own way. But I also appreciated that the humans weren't made out to be universally good. It was clear that their intercessions had been the original reason that the aliens found themselves in the social position to become slaves in the first place. And despite the way the Master is kind to his slave, shows affection even, there is no mistaking his status as a possession. This added a little depth to the story. (There wasn't much else.)I did find myself cringing a little at the way the slave was continually referred to as a youth and was so small. It was stated that he had reached his mating age, whatever that be, but he was presented in a childlike way. creepy. All in all it was an enjoyable 20 or so minutes I ... morespent reading it.
review 2: Sexy little story about a Master and a pet. Master goes shopping for said pet and takes him home and has his way. It definitely has a very regency feel to it. Other than the concept of "buying" a pet this one is sweet all the way. What I enjoyed was the Master was masterful - commanding and purposeful. It felt authentic. The pet was a young virgin - a little tropey but o.k. A very nice short to read over a lunch break or while waiting in the Dr's office! less
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I liked this very short story well enough, but it was too short.
This short was received as a prize from the celebration event.
3.5 Stars
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