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Railonama (2014)

by Anupama Sharma(Favorite Author)
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9380619790 (ISBN13: 9789380619798)
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review 1: Anupama's fascination for train travel, who is also very passionate about social work, has brought remarkable success in her conceptualized presentation of" Railonama".Writing a story on her own experience with travels in Indian Railways titled as ‘A Slice of Apple’ perhaps inspired her to present the full Apple instead of only a Slice for the benefit of all readers . This led to the unique concept of inviting people from all over the world to share their experiences of train travels in pre-and-post independent India. It was a very difficult and challenging task to choose from the huge pool of submissions that poured in, more than she had expected. These stories may also be called ‘travel memoires’. None is similar. The experiences shared are vivid and diverse. E... moreach has a different taste and flavour. Some are very touching. Some are inspiring and motivating. Some of them leave lessons on philosophy of life. With some you feel shades of sorrow and joy. For sure one gets absorbed with interest and tries to finish the whole book in one go.It is really appreciable that as declared, whatever is earned from the sales of this book, she, though living in US all will donate the proceedings, to the needy in India. It is a good opportunity for book lovers and generous donors to contribute to this noble cause by purchasing this book either in paperback or on kindle as an e-book.
review 2: This is unlike any other anthology that I have read. First, its not fiction. The books is a nice large collection of individual experiences of people who have the Indian Railways deeply etched into their memories. If you are an Indian and have traveled on the Indian trains/railways, you will identify with almost all of the stories in the collection. You will 'feel' them and most probably even visualize them in your mind. It was more of a nostalgic read than a short story collection kind of feel. The Indian railways give you insight into the lives of the Indian diversity and the book does the same. less
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Thoroughly enjoyed it! I would like to contribute a story if a sequel is under consideration.
MUST read for those who have travelled in India via trains. MUST read for those who haven't.
A collection of 40+ interesting and heart-warming stories set in different trains in India.
Five stars
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