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Persuasion: A New Approach To Changing Minds (2011)

by Arlene Dickinson(Favorite Author)
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1443405965 (ISBN13: 9781443405966)
Harper Collins Canada
review 1: This book was better than I expected. I enjoy Arlene on Dragon's Den, she brings a lot to the show but I often find business books written by people who aren't, well, writers to be lacking at times. Arlene does not disappoint! She is honest, clear and tells a great story. Her anecdotes on picking herself up and finding a job, then a career and growing her company, Venture to where it is today was a positive read with some very useful lessons. I highly recommend reading this book...whether you're looking to grow your career, venture out on your own or need to make a positive shift in your life, this is worth the investment.
review 2: Mistakes, failures, adversity-they're all wonderful teachers, so long as you focus on the lessons to be learned than the disappoin
... moretment to be experienced. ~ Arlene Dickinson (Persuasion, page. 233)This book has some valuable lessons in it. Arlene tackled the subject of persuasion throughout this book and there were many other subjects covered, such as: fear of failure, fear of criticism, perseverance, tenacity...The one thing that caught me off guard was near the end of her book she mentioned that she did not have a life-long plan. She kind of goes with the flow. This is strange to me because most super-achievers that I have studied almost all had a plan. She makes the point that you don't know what to expect in life, so how can you plan for those things. The question is cannot you plan for failures, obstacles, setbacks? The answer is an unequivocal, yes! Yes, you can!. I agree with her that you cannot plan every obstacle or setback, but you can plan for some and have creative alternatives ready when they are required. So, that is the only thing I did not find that I agreed with her.The one thing I like most about Arlene in her book is how she handles relationships with people. She has a lot of knowledge of what to do in conflict and in relationships in general. She even shares some strategies on how to be promoted in the corporate environment, without destroying your reputation. less
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Great book! Some very small yet crucial life lesson you can learn from this amazing VC.
a quick read with practical views on building relationships.
She tells it like it is in a true KISS fashion. Great read!
Interesting Read....
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