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El Asedio (2010)

by Arturo Pérez-Reverte(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 1
8420405558 (ISBN13: 9788420405551)
review 1: I really enjoyed the English translation. It is the first of his novels that I have read. While very long it contained all the ingredients of adventure and mystery. I enjoyed learning the historical context of Cádiz The characters were well developed the novel seemed to capture the atmospheric conditions of the turbulent napoleonic times and the end of Spanish trade monopoly and control of the Americas as thet gained independence
review 2: The book, overall, was very good. But getting past the hurdle of pages 200 to 300 was a titanic task, given how complex and, perhaps unnecessarily detailed, most of the descriptions were. Until page 450, you get a feeling that nothing will ever happen, given the complexity of the narration. Nevertheless, the final quarter
... moreof the book is nothing short of gripping and your learn to love the characters in a way which was very difficult in the first half. less
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Muy lograda reconstrucción de ambientes. La intriga es muy buena. Gran narrador.
Fantástica. La primera novela que leo de este autor, y no será la última.
Me encantó, es duro, cruel, realista. Tengo que ir A conocer Cádiz.
A little boring. I really did not enjoy it....
the only one of Reverte's that I didn't love
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