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Trauma Queen (2011)

by Barbara Dee(Favorite Author)
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1442409231 (ISBN13: 9781442409231)
review 1: This is a tale of thirteen-year-old Marigold Bailey and her mother Becca(not to mention Marigold's eight-year-old sister Kennedy). Becca is a performance artist and her last performance forced the family to move out of Aldentown. The bad side about the move was that Marigold's BFF Emma was now miles away. Then Becca signs up as a drama teacher at Marigold's school, so all her daughter can hope for is that her mom would not do any embarrassing thing in front of her schoolmates.
review 2: For Marigold, her mom, a performance artist, is the most embarrassing thing in her life. From pouring oil on herself to wrapping herself in plastic, it seems to Marigold that everything her mom does is to torment her. After all it was because of her mom that they were forced to
... moreshift again; it is also because of her mom that her friendship with her best friend is in peril. As if these are not enough reasons for Marigold to be embarrassed of her mom, now her mom plans to start an Improv afterschool club in Marigold’s school. Mortified at the idea, Marigold tries her best to convince her mother to listen to her for once. But maybe, what she really needs is to understand her mother first......Trauma Queen is a hilarious and realistic (maybe a little bit dramatic) take on mother-daughter relationship.Till the first chapter to last, Trauma Queen kept me engaged with its entertaining narrative. In many cases I could relate to Marigold’s anger and embarrassment at her mother. Though sometimes I felt Marigold was being selfish and too judgmental of her mother, I could not help but feel that I too would have reacted the same way if I was placed in her situation. I have always felt that a mother-daughter relationship is one of the most complicated relationships. Especially when the daughter reaches her adolescence, the number of fights and misunderstandings between them increase; yet when we need sympathy and comfort, our moms are the first ones we rush to. This complicated relationship is depicted in a sweet and simple manner in the book that makes Trauma Queen a book difficult not to like. Beneath all its light humor, Trauma Queen teaches us that no fight can be solved till we are ready to listen to the other person’s point. Another message that it gives out is to judge people not by what others think of them but what you personally think of them.Almost all the characters have a quirky side to them - Marigold’s is her ‘Thing’ which is a sort of a haywire quilt made by her out of random scraps of clothes and her friend Layla’s is her pointy toed, ‘get-out-of-my-face’ boot which she seems to wear everyday to the school. Marigold’s mom’s daring and bizarre acts add to the craziness.Even the secondary characters are colorful and fun. It is for their eccentricities that I like most of the characters of the book.Trauma Queen is a crazy, cute and insightful book with lovable characters and a heartwarming story.Overall:An adorable and entertaining read exploring the complicated dynamics of a mother-daughter relationshipRecommended?Yes, to all those who like an entertaining yet thought-provoking tween read less
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I really enjoyed reading this one! It was a great way to spend the afternoon.
4 1/2 Blue stars. Really CUTE!! I enjoyed it...Real review later
It was a really good book!
It was ok.... really...
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