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I'm Not Talking About You, Of Course... (2000)

by Barbara Venkataraman(Favorite Author)
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review 1: What made me want this book was the promise that if I was missing Erma Bombeck this book would help. I started reading Bombeck at 11, so this seemed like a good bet. It might have been a great book, but I got the Audible version and the reader has an incredibly annoying way of speaking. She sounds like a Broadway character actress who is doing the entire book as a snarky aside. The content was good but the delivery unbearable.
review 2: This was a very short read (22 pages). Some of the essays were funny and some I could see myself in them. It wasn’t the most entertaining read. I found myself taking breaks after each essay and not really engaged. The Amish story was interesting in that I wonder how I would react with no power, off the grid so to speak. The
... moreloud sneeze” was funny, how many of us have done something similar. Overall, this wouldn’t be something I would pick up and read or think of buying.Rating: 3Heating Rating: noneReviewed by: KellyRCourtesy of My Book Addiction and More less
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Very interesting series of essays. This was a very fun read. I only wish this book had been longer.
Free Kindle download from Amazon. Incredibly short essays about middle aged life.
This was just what I needed today. I was a great light read, truly enjoyed it.
Very nice and light read, has such a refreshing minty feeling :-)
very funny!! laughed a lot great fun quick read!
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