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Too Good To Be True: A Memoir (2012)

by Benjamin Anastas(Favorite Author)
3.12 of 5 Votes: 5
0547913990 (ISBN13: 9780547913995)
New Harvest
review 1: I love the Sweet Valley High series , too good to be true is too good to be true! It is an excellent book , with some flaws that spoil my enjoyment of it.Marina is a beautiful girl , and Wellesley sophisticated. Everyone loved it sweet and lovely ! Yeah right - and the truth is that it pretends to be sweet and nice, but in reality is a bitch on the inside . Tons of people like her, but she only like the handsome Mr. Anastas . She claims to drown in a picnic that Mr. Anastas save ! That gets the ball on its round bouncy way. Elena due to drop some papers on the house of Mr. Anastas , but the Marina gladly offers to take them to them . When it do that , it goes to the yard to find Mr. Anastas gardening, his shirt is off and his naked chest give her shivers , she askes may I... more enjoy a drink from the hose, do obscene things with her mouth and tongue , and then deliberately wets her shirt so you can get to display an image of the little budding chest . Says later to Elena don't bother with your child sitting career I shall maintain Mr. Anastas's child. When she meets him, his name is Primo, she is nice to the face but then makes with evil, ignores him, steals the stuffed bear. Then she run off, Marina, so she could Date * sigh * Mr. Perfect " the Nominee " ! In the end Mr. Anastas appears, and she tries to kiss him , and he say stoutly : Never , I am a married person . Well, guess what? She tells everyone that he raped her ! Is it possible that the Marina is too good to be true? Read this book to find out!The only drawback is that Eliza is in NYC I love to read about her being jealous of the Marina ! But did not know because she are not there. While it's in the Big Apple , who turns up for her, Eliza, but Marina ' s boy friend "the Nominee ." He offers her wine , too, because he loves wine and other alcohols. Then he calls her parents by their first name, Tom and Felicia . Things are very interesting , but the author really should get a job.
review 2: This is one of those end-of-my-rope-type memoirs. You feel and commiserate with the author, even though most of his problems seem to be self-inflicted. He cheats on his wife (basically his excuse is that a glass elevator made him do it) and then he blames her for imploding their marriage. He is broke, but mainly because he didn't save his money when he had it, and couldn't be bothered to hold a steady job. What is relatable is his feeling of "something gone terribly awry" and his fervent desire to fix things, to turn things around, to exorcise his demons and move on to a better chapter. I hope he succeeds. less
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yawny, painful, lump in throat sort of self laceration that i admired and tired of simultaneously.
I liked his writing, but not the self-pity.
Bleak, beautiful and concise.
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