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How Can Man Die Better: The Life Of Robert Sobukwe (2006)

by Benjamin Pogrund(Favorite Author)
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1868422658 (ISBN13: 9781868422654)
Jonathan Ball Publishers
review 1: Let me start by saying I am not a huge fan of biographies,i much prefer auto biographies, I feel auto biographies are a bit more..Personal. Anyway, I approached this book with a hint of cynicism, thinking Pogrund had just written it merely as an academic exercise...but boy was i wrong! This book conjured a lot of emotions in my usually immovable heart, mainly awe, envy and something akin to sympathy, but not sympathy, I’m yet to be able to label that emotion. This man was a legend, albeit a lonely legend let me hasten to add that I had the privilege of going to Robben Island and saw where the diabolic apartheid government had decided to hide him. Standing there looking at the dingy place where he was kept hidden, I was attacked by a sense of shame and this strange sensa... moretion that made my eyes want to release that salty fluid that is a cause for embarrassment for a strong man such as myself.This man was a genius; he is an unsung hero in not only South African, but African liberation. This is a man who was a pioneer in Pan Africanism.The book is a very detailed look at the philosophies and decisions of a genius, Pogrund out did himself, he paid attention to detail and the book is very well researched.Not to be read by the overly emotional :-)
review 2: Benjamin Pogrund's account of the political life of Robert Mangaliso Sobukhwe does not only provide illumination and insight into the mind of this great leader of South Africa's liberation struggle but also weaves neatly a tapestry of circumstances underwhich the struggle for liberation occurred and how each of the leadership components interacted as well as the extent to which such vital cooperation aided the process. It is a delightful read especially also to the extent that it exposes to a degree the extent of contribution some pockets of the white people community made to the struggle in terms of their support for either the liberation political parties (or movement) or key figures therein. After reading Pogrund's account, there is without doubt that not ALL white South Africans necessarily supported the apartheid regime nor folded their arms when they could contribute to the struggle for its elimination.Indeed, Pogrund's account gives an interesting perspective on how delicate yet involved and intense the process of engagement was between some white people communities and the black liberation struggle leaders, to the extent of risking their own and family members' personal lives to achieve an ideal.It's worth a read! less
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Robert Sobukwe is as great as Nelson Mandela....read this book
Great insight on the man Biko once described as God
Best book ever
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