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Fight For Me (2000)

by Bethany Bazile(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Wow what an emotionally heart warming story. This book had the tears pouring down my face right from the beginning. I was captivated by the characters in this book from the start. When Alexis lost her twin brother I was devastated for her. I felt like I could feel her pain that she was going through. Then there was Ryder, I just wish they could have found their happiness so many years earlier. Alexis went through many battles being with Ryder. Having to deal with Ryder's mother and his ex which were just plain horrible to Alexis. In the end though true love won out.
review 2: I was drawn to this book solely based on the book cover at first; I mean, look at it! Yummy! The synopsis sounded good and it received good ratings so I thought I would give it a try. I en
... moreded up being part of the little few that didn’t love this book. The things that I can say, without ruining the book to potential readers, are that there were some really good parts to this plot but there were some really undesirable parts as well. The good parts could have made this book wonderful. For instance, I was hooked at the very beginning of this book. The drama that Bazile wrote completely had me captured and all I wanted to do was read more. Then it turned somewhere for me and I lost all interest for a while. It was like a rollercoaster; one second I was up high and loving the book and then within seconds I was down in the bottom, not enjoying the plot or the characters. I found the constant battle of pushing each other away excessive and the immaturity levels of the characters offensive. The one character that I found myself confused about was Ryder’s mother. One moment she would be plotting against Ryder’s relationship with Alexis and the next she would be defending her son and what he wants. If this just happened once, I could handle the drama that it caused but it happened throughout the entire book, creating too much drama for such a minor character.Let me be honest, this does not mean that you shouldn’t give this book a try. If it sounds intriguing to you, go for it; you might find that you like it. Like I always say, being a writer requires a certain person to do so and that certain person is not me so I can never truly hate a book. ~BookWhisperer Reviewer MC~ less
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almost stop reading half way throughcontinued didn't get worse but didn't get much better
I really enjoyed it, but I need more...
great book
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