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A Hundred And One Reasons (2012)

by Bianca Salindong(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 7
PSICOM Publishing Inc
review 1: A friend recommended this book to me because it made her cry a lot. Well I gave it a shot because I wanted a good cry as well for it is rare that a book can pull my heartstrings. It is saddening to say that I am disappointed.So here are a few reasons; (yeah bullets! for the lazy writer)1. The prose was horrid. Paragraphs would go on and on about a character's sleep inducing reflection about not so important things. It fact it felt like as if the entire book was a collection of eulogies from a funeral.2. No character development. Nada. The brother was a crybaby from the beginning till the end, so were the other characters. The problem is that all the characters seem to love Ann so much but what the author failed to do was make the readers love Ann as well. The author was ... moreable to imply a few reasons why but she was not able to make us transition into feeling it. 3.There was no goal. The goal is supposed to be the reason why books are being written. Characters must have a common goal to attain but there was none. I was waiting for a climax that never came as . The result, a really boring outcome.4. I find it unreasonable that a girl would be able to charm and seduce a lot of boys before her death. Eventually this leads those boys into a hollow pit of despair. Mary-sue much? Definitely. Reverse Harem is so mainstream.I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. It's practically one of those books again that implies on the necessity of feeling love rather than giving love. It could be shown by how Bianca Salindong directed ALL of the character's affection towards Ann (It was very evident). But if you are only looking for a short read that might make you cry, this is the one for you since it has made a lot of people sniffle (or so I've heard). But If you're looking for some thing that has a plot, likable characters, beautiful prose, great morals, and an engaging premise then this is definitely not the one for you.At least, the book wasn't that horrible. It just isn't my cup of tea
review 2: The reading experience that I had with this book has been a major pain in the ass. I hate unfinished books so I just kept on reading until I could eventually finish this whole thing. Plus I'm curious on who's gonna die. I was waiting for a plot twist or something eventful to happen to take me out of my misery but, meh.It has an okay plot but has been so badly executed/written. Not to mention a lot of typos and grammatical errors. It's like after the author have finished with her whole story, she contacted the publishing house right away without even the consent of her editor, if ever she had one.I actually had high hopes for this book. Because the one I recommended "The Fault In Our Stars" said that this one made her cry harder. So in my mind, I was like "Really?" But when I started reading it I was like "Uhm, I guess she wasn't able to grasp most of the context in TFiOS that's why she said that this book was better because there is NO WAY IN HELL that this book has made made me felt the same feelings and beautiful emotions that I had while reading TFiOS"I mean, I'm sorry for being biased and comparing something to a John Green novel, seeing that I'm already a nerdfighter, but in all honesty, I read better fan fiction than this online. Or idk, maybe I'm just used in reading foreign YA novels that I tend to expect something more when reading any book, not just the usual context I've learned from school or the cliche and cheesy romantic stuff that I see everyday in our country's long list of genres in film industry less
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