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Good Talk, Dad: The Birds And The Bees...and Other Conversations We Forgot To Have (2014)

by Bill Geist(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
1455547204 (ISBN13: 9781455547203)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: I have long enjoyed Bill Geist and his sense of humor through his pieces on CBS. His son, Willie is now a regular on NBC's Today Show. I was excited to see this book available in audio, each author narrating his own part.The premise of the book is having the talks that father and son should have had. They didn't. Until now. There are many good chuckle moments, but mostly there's a lot of reminiscing, maybe even some revealing individual secrets. Mostly there is evidence of a lot of love and mutual respect. I'm glad I could share a few minutes of their journeys.
review 2: What a good read. Thoroughly enjoyable!Bill Geist is a long-time favorite as a writer and correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning. Willie too, is making his way in the same fields. Both are so
... morelikeable and seem to have a wonderful relationship.The book is written in an alternate banter manner on such things as family like, summer camp, sports, religion, hosting on TV, etc.They cover funny topics as well as more serious ones all written within the realm of their relatioship.They even cover the Illini!! Go fellow Illini! less
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Hilarious and sometimes poignant dueling memoir between father and son journalists. Loved it!!
Amusing and relatable in places, too personal and uninteresting in others.
Amusing at first but it got very tiresome after awhile.
A fun romp through a father-son relationship.
Very funny and cleverly written!!
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