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Where Grace Abides (2009)

by B.J. Hoff(Favorite Author)
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0736924191 (ISBN13: 9780736924191)
Harvest House Publishers
Riverhaven Years
review 1: This is the second in the series The Riverhaven Years. I think a reader should get all three first and read them back to back as the first two do not end with the reader satisfied or all the ends tied up. The last chapter of the first two end with a cliff hanger. In this one, Rachel becomes aware that someone in her own community is blocking her marriage to an outsider. In the meantime the underground railroad continues and an Amish wife goes missing.Although I like this series, I do wonder why it is not published in one large book.Further reviewing after the third and last!
review 2: This novel is the 2nd in B J Hoff's Riverhaven Years, continuing the story that began with "Rachel's Secret." This series is about an Amish community in the 1850's, and this parti
... morecular novel illustrated the violence and hatred against the Amish in American during that time, horror that were one of the reason why they came to America. Hoff did a good job of leaving the reader hanging on the outcome of a relationship, and for an unsolved murder, so I will be tracking down the 3rd in the series, "Gideon's Hope." less
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not very much changed after finishing this book. from book 1 in the (riverhaven series).slow
A great historical, Amish, suspense and romance all in one series.
Enjoyed this book but it just kinda left you hanging.
I really liked it. it kept me turning pages.
loved it
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