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Down The Memory Hole (2005)

by Bonnie Turner(Favorite Author)
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1411623169 (ISBN13: 9781411623163)
Lulu Press
review 1: Down The Memory Hole is one I found hard to put down. The author hits the frustrations of dealing with Alzheimer's head on, from the lack of knowledge of the condition, the pain of being afflicted with it, to the lack of help from family members who are not in the household.Buzz is a typical kid who ends up sharing his room with Grandpa who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the learning process, outlook, and adventures shared over the summer gives us a heartwarming family story that could happen to any of us, a very good book that I would recommend for anyone whether dealing with Alzheimer's or not, you will not be disappointed.
review 2: When my grandmother begin to do weird things, the family thought she was being deliberately difficult. She argued with t
... morehe neighbor over a parking spot, when cleaning her house we found money squirreled around the house, and one Thanksgiving she put a damp towel in the oven to catch the turkey drippings.Trying to explain this to the kids was difficult. There were some books about Alzheimer's disease, but nothing that captured the emotion that Bonnie Turner does in the book Down the Memory Hole.When his grandfather can no longer care for himself, Buzz finds himself saddled with his grandfather as his new roommate. Buzz resists at first because when his grandfather slips into the "Alzheimer Car", he confuses Buzz for his dead brother Barkley. Buzz decides to use this to see if he can help his grandfather get better.The book accurately shows the frustration caretakers have when dealing with a person who is slipping away before your eyes. The grandfather rebels by throwing his teeth away and refusing to wear a diaper. Reading this book was like spending a day with my own grandmother.This short story is a great way to introduce middle school readers to this complex disease. less
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Great connection for me since I lost Mom to Alzheimer's. Short but good read:-)
Sweet little story.
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