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Titanic's Last Secrets: The Further Adventures Of Shadow Divers John Chatterton And Richie Kohler (2008)

by Bradford Matsen(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
0446582050 (ISBN13: 9780446582056)
review 1: This was a great read and was very good at keeping the mix between the past and present even. The author did a great job with keeping the reader interested. The only 'problem,' if you could call it that, I had with this book was I felt like some of the boost knowledge/terms was out of my depth and I felt I need a little more knowledge on the front to get the full effect of the findings. Over all great read!
review 2: Fascinating story of the latest research and discoveries relating to the Titanic. It ends with some knowledge obtained from a former employee of Ha?? and Wolfe, the builders of the Titanic. There was also some research on the Brittanic, the third ship of the trio built. The group dived on that ship since it was in shallower water. They find some
... moreparts of the wreck not discovered or mentioned before using a couple of Mir submersibles. The story is amazing and a very quick read. less
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I became fascinated with Titanic when I was in the sixth grade, and I still am!
Meh. It wasn't life-changing.
Good if your into Titanic.
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