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Carter Finally Gets It (2009)

by Brent Crawford(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 3
1423112466 (ISBN13: 9781423112464)
Carter Finally Gets It
review 1: Really had a difficult time with this book. Many people recommended it to me as a funny, quick read so I was ready to laugh. While I can sympathize a little with the main character, I took issue of the portrayal of women as objects for the enjoyment of high school boys rather than as people. Carter talks about getting girls drunk and having sex with them when they can't say no, how sluts like to hang out with other sluts, and other horrifying concepts about women and sex. This book set off multiple alarms about the how a rape culture mentality is developed and encouraged. I would not recommend this book to teen readers at all.
review 2: Carter has a hard time focusing. He has been diagnosed with ADD but his mother won't allow him to take medication. He i
... mores starting high school and is at the bottom of the social pack. He doesn't know what he wants and he doesn't know how to get it, anyway. It takes him a lot of trial and error before he realizes he doesn't have to be what anyone else says he should be. But, by the end of the story - he does get it. less
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It was a good book. Filled with lots of humor:)
This book was good in a sad way!!
This is a laugh out loud book.
It was a good book
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