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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Crying (2014)

by Carol Leifer(Favorite Author)
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159474677X (ISBN13: 9781594746772)
Quirk Books
review 1: While Liefer does include many memories of her own career in comedy, this mildly amusing and quickly-read advice manual could be enjoyed by those looking for interview and career advice in other occupations. Nothing earth-shattering or new here, though, and sometimes the advice seems a little too patronizing. The job applicants who need to be told to take a shower on the day of their interview are probably NOT those who will be reading books like this is the first place.
review 2: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Crying by Carol Leifer should really be shelved under Career Planning. Just yesterday a customer asked me where our career books were, and before I brought her to Business, we took a detour to Biography so that I could tell her how freaking aw
... moreesome this book is for the job hunter as well as the ladder climber.The story of Carol's life as a female comedian who never gave up was fascinating and inspiring, and the tales of her interactions with comedy legends were laugh out loud funny. (Excuse me, Carol, but it looks like you dropped a few names...) I read parts of it aloud incoherently to my husband, laughing so hard that all the words came out as "bleerhaHAHArghxchHAHAefh". Hilarious anecdotes aside, the thread that ran through the whole book was about how the way you treat people throughout your career will ultimately decide your success or failure in any business. That, along with hard work and determination, of course.I love the fact that she started with the basics of the interview, even specfically reminding the guys to "shower the day of the interview. Not the night before. Not a week before". She then continued through getting the job, handling rejection, keeping the job, et cetera, using stories of things that had either worked or not worked for her, depending on whether or not she had practiced what she was preaching. This was a unique way to give excellent career advice without being a dry, boring business book.This is perfect for anyone just starting out in the world of employment, those wanting to advance, or anyone who is taking a fresh look at following a dream career path on which they had given up. If you don't take away at least one career-changing tip from this book, you probably won't be hired for that dream job anyway, but at least you would have had a good chuckle in the process! less
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Even though a lot of this book is career advice, it was still a really quick & interesting read.
Really enjoyed this story! It was humorous, colorful and an easy read! Highly recommend
She knows so many famous people! Enjoyed her wit, humor, and honesty.
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