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Lost Highlander (2013)

by Cassidy Cayman(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 5
Little Black Cat
Lost Highlander
review 1: I have to say that I am always up for a sexy highland story, but this one was far beyond my expectations. I loved the modern day meets eighteenth century and all the mystery keeps the story pulling the reader along. You're wondering what is going to happen and it happens at a pretty rapid pace. Piper inherits an estate and vast fortune in Scotland. Piper's friend Evelyn is pulled into the story by Piper and there is immediately this feeling of impending doom. Once Evie is in Scotland, her mind reels at the far fetched story her friend is sharing and it takes seeing a burly Highlander weilding an ax to change her mind. What is this man doing here? How did he get from his time to theirs? It is a very wild ride and one that continues. I had to buy the second book of course! I... more'm hooked. If you like adventure, time travel and Highlanders, this is for you!
review 2: I didn't finish the book. The Lost Highlander starts off slow and never managed to grab my interest. Our main character didn't feel like a main character- I felt that her best friend and the highlander himself should have and could have fulfilled that role in a much more satisfactory way than Evelyn and the hot village guy did. It was as if you were watching a football game on the sidelines and missed the game winning touchdown because you were looking at the wrong player. The writing wasn't terrible and much better than other free books that I have read, but, passable writing aside, the story itself wasn't all that interesting. I will not be reading the next book. 2 out of 5 stars. less
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Loved this historical romance, time travelling book! I love it when a freebie turns into a gem!!
After reading the reviews and getting bored out of my mind I just couldn't finish.
Couldn't put it down! Read it in 2 1/2 hrs!
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