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Harp's Song (2014)

by Cassie Shine(Favorite Author)
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Cassie Shine
Harp's Song
review 1: Well, to say that I believed that I would be bored, I totally change my mind. This story is really classical. We follows the dailylife of a teenager named Harp (a very pretty name) which has a life like the others teenagers, i.e. a teenager's life which has some family and personal problems to manage. I must say that I was nearly to be disappoint, because I found it too unspecified, without interest, a banal girl. But reading this book, we feels a second breath, an element release which makes that here, we cannot leave the book any more as long as we did not finish it to the last line. The characters are not really attaching, but I must recognize that they are important in Harp's life. I call that a very good friendship and it's like this that everyone should live, even mo... morere in this rough world. There are not really malicious people in this novel, just… I know that I repeat myself by saying that, but it's only concern the daily life. An event involving another to give a current situation. No, sincerely, this story is adorable, it is nice like Harp, it's feet her. And frankly, I would not have give her 17 years old (neither the others). In short, I recommend it to all those which likes the short story and without headaches. You read it easyly and our life is lived. Cassie Shine knew how to transmit Harp's emotions to us, all her unhappiness and her joy, except her anger, I would acknowledge that I am not "over excited". No, just sad and happy, that's all.
review 2: I found this a quick and easy book to read. The characters were likeable and the story line was engaging. I wanted to see Harp escape her mothers clutches and build a new life for herself. She had such a horrible life living with her mother, she had practically brought herself up, and some of the vile things her mother spewed out to her broke my heart." You look like a slut with that make up on... But i think I like it better than what's underneath. You couldn't buy enough makeup to make yourself pretty"I really felt for Harp for most of this book, however when she is faced with the bombshell that completely throws her, I didn't like the person she became, or the way she dealt with it. I couldn't bear to see Connor being pushed away, and I was worried she would end up on the path to self destruction and throw away her future.Connor was her best friend, and was so sweet. He's so protective of Harp, and is the only person who really knows what Harp is enduring at the hands of her mother. He is her sanctuary, and would do anything for her. I'm wary of saying too much because I don't want to spoil the story, or give away the bombshell that threatens to change Harps life.I was quite surprised when I came to the end of the story to find that this is the not the last we will hear from Harp, and after getting a glimpse of the next book, I can't wait to see what happens next. less
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