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A Russian Bear (2010)

by C.B. Conwy(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
1603706224 (ISBN13: 9781603706223)
Torquere Press
Russian Bear
review 1: A steamy yet sweet read. Two interesting characters grow a unique and compassionate relationship, with a few kinks. One character is not appreciative of the the D/S lifestyle which to the other is everything. This causes romantic tension and some humor (D/S guy mistakes normal guy as a sub, then tries to pick him up). There is some unexpected violence and emotional trauma towards the end which challenges the evolving relationship. An entertaining read, I have downloaded the subsequent stories in the series, but have not finished them.
review 2: Intense learning curve. Tom and Mischa meet by accident but there is an attraction, even though Mischa comes off very toppy and gets Tom angry at first... then intrigued.The first meeting leads to many more as Tom learn
... mores more about what he needs from Mischa and Mischa learns that his rule regarding only one scene with a sub doesn't work with TomRecommended for those who read bdsm. less
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Great book. I felt so bad for Tom at the end, it took him a long time to be himself again.
actually, just too much sex for me. I couldn't get into it and didn't go very far.
I totally loved this story and the sequel too!! Thank you for some great work.
As good as the first time:)
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