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Danny 1.0 - Hope House (2010)

by Chancery Stone(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 2
0956715435 (ISBN13: 9780956715432)
Poison Pixie Ltd
DANNY Quadrilogy
review 1: My first written review. I usually just review with stars. I made it through 15% of the book and this is a book I just can't stomach anymore. That's saying a lot as I always finish a book. On a positive note, the author knows how to write the predatory sexual and abusive behavior of men well and her descriptions of rage, pending violence, violence, incest, etc are well done. It's just that every character is a sexual predator and, after now encountering 7 characters of this nature in the book, I find myself now experienced enough on the subject not to have to read the remaining 700 pages of what I fear will be just the same variation of the the theme.
review 2: I read this book in August and I am not sure how to review it. It was overwhelming; this book is
... moreso far out of the box from what I normally read. I knew it would be a shock-value kind of book, from the few reviews out there I knew I would love it or hate. The fact I couldn’t find but one copy in the US peaked my interest and I ordered from Posionpixie. The story slams you from the start and my jaw was on the ground for many pages. I was not quite sure what I had gotten myself into but I knew I couldn’t walk away. It’s hands down the most graphic, violent, disturbing, nauseating, sexually explicit book I have ever read. That left me feeling emotionally, mentally, and morally drained. But there is a story between the pages of sex and more sex and that story grabbed me. I want to know more about Danny. I gave a friend this book and now that she has finished she agrees…we want more story. So Danny Vol 2….here we come! less
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shocking, dark, twisted, and absorbing! this one will tickle your brain and leave you wanting more.
Great story, stretches the boundary a bit.
This looks weird. O_O
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