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Provacateur (2012)

by Charles D. Martin(Favorite Author)
4.82 of 5 Votes: 5
0985198400 (ISBN13: 9780985198404)
Chaney-Hall Publishing
review 1: I have never read anything in this genre and I was very surprised. The story is so clear-cut,the writing so precise, that the story engaged me immediately. Nadia, the main character, is a Russian mail order bride who comes to America and starts on her own ladder to success in every aspect of her life but in a most unusual way. Her achievements may have become a little over the top toward the end - her beauty, her intelligence, her work ethic - but I personally like to believe that there are people out there who are extremely gifted. And I would like to add that I have a small personal insight into this subject; my ex did, indeed, marry a Russian lady through the mail order process. Yeah. So I have a lot of sympathy for any woman in her position.Mr. Martin has written a sto... morery that is so, in its own way, perfect, that I would love to know what was in his background to provoke it. I did put other stuff aside to read it. Compelling to the end.
review 2: Women probably will enjoy this a little more than men, because of the audacious heroine in the story, who gets the best of powerful men. However, it is a great story that I enjoyed emensely...so there is good material here to keep a man totally engaged. What's not to like about a novel filled with suspense, intrigue, big yachts,beautiful women and exciting places where the action takes place. I also learned a lot reading this book. There is much interesting material in it. I always hope to come away from a book, not just entertained, but also with a little/lot more knowledge and a new perspective on some aspect of life. This novel did that for me.I highly recommend it. less
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I loved this book! It captures you and you'll struggle to put it down. Great storyline!
This was an excellent well written book and I highly recommend it!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book; I could not put it down.
Loved the book.It was great to see nadia out smart the boys.
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