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Vampire Of My Dreams (2010)

by Christina Moss(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 5
0982824521 (ISBN13: 9780982824528)
Adamantine PublishingHouse
review 1: More like a 4.5. I really liked it. Short and different. Some of the story is told in flashbacks, where Zoe reads her journal entries.Alexander is a vampire who spends his nights preventing crimes from taking place. On one such night, he makes it there a little late resulting in two deaths, and one survivor, a young girl, Zoe. Immediately afterward he leaves her but can’t stop worrying about her. So he decides to meet her in her dream the next night(?). They communicate in this way for the next 6 years. Zoe writes about her dreams that include Alexander in her journal, wishing that he was real. Alexander falls in love with her and at the end of these 6 years, decides to reveal the truth about him but upon reaching Zoe, he hears happy and yet sad news, causing him to lea... moreve her for the next 5 years. In the present time, 5 years later, Zoe finds her journals and reads them over. These are the flashbacks that let us know more about their 6 years meeting together in her dreams. This leads to a sweet ending. I gave this story a 4.5 because it could have used a little more of the present time and less of the flashbacks. I would have loved an even longer version of it. It’s very nicely written. I did get a little distracted by all the italicizing at the end. The journal entries are shown in italics and so is the rest of the story after that. Overall, loved it. It was sweet
review 2: I really liked this novella. The dream and the journaling angle was clever, however I wish it was longer with more emphasis on their feelings throughout the story between the two main characters. I love a good romance and this has the potential of blossoming; we just didn't get to experience it all the way through. A build up of anticipation would have really made the story pop. All in all though, really a good story and worth the read. In all fairness, I am clarifying my review. I know this is a short story, therefore, all the details would not be there. It did get my attention. It was so good I wanted more. less
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Nice new take on a vampire love story. New elements I haven't seen in other stories.
...Here I am Bones!!!!!!Come and save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A different take on the vampire-human relationship
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