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Tell Me When It Hurts (2009)

by Christine M. Whitehead(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
0982294603 (ISBN13: 9780982294604)
Hadley Press
review 1: When her life falls apart, after her daughter dies, Archer wants to have nothing of the world and finds retreat in an isolated cabin, rejecting any relationship with the outer world, feeling that she has to grieve her loss. Soon her 'peace' is disrupted when a neighbor, Connor, sets up a tent in a vacant lot. He also has some issues to solve. Soon they become friends, despite all the barriers she has set up. They embark on the same journey trying to make sense of their lives. Horses help her open up and take a new chance at life. An free flowing story you don't want to leave until the last very page.
review 2: This book I got free off kindle. I thought it was going to be an action book because the main character was described as a trained snipper. That is what
... more led me to this story but it was much deeper than that. This women was a mother and her daughter was killed. She blamed herself because she felt she should have done a better job in protecting her. As a parent I could feel her pain, she also had to deal with the leagal system letting her down. Her being a lawyer could not get over that part either. So, you as the reader are pulled in to this character and can she pull herself back into the living. This is the story that got me. Being a parent I felt her pain I have daughters and the writer got me. I had to find out. I did not care about the snipper part anymore.the characters were thought out and the writing was very good. I really enjoyed this book. less
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Vigilante assassin tries to find life after violence.
Really enjoyed this book.
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