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The Sky So Heavy (2013)

by Claire Zorn(Favorite Author)
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0702249769 (ISBN13: 9780702249761)
University of Queensland Press
review 1: A fantastic read - originally picked it up from library for my kids but they turned their noses up at it as they didn't deem the blurb interesting enough. But I was intrigued and gave it a shot and could not put it down. The writer is so talented as I was immersed in Finn's world completely ( not a mean feat as I am 30 somethingish :) ). The book is clever in the fact that the reader is given very limited knowledge of what countries have blown each other up or really any facts about the nuclear explosion - we become an extension of Finn himself as we too are waiting for news as to what has happened to family and friends/neighbours and if any help is coming. As the reader our experience is solely that of Finn's no mor or less we are with him the whole way. Absolutely per... morefect. Just need to motivate my kids to read it as they are missing out on something great.
review 2: Really enjoyed this a lot! It was really interesting to read a book like this set in Australia, which made it a lot more relatable. This whole book can really only be described as haunting and scary especially when you think about the likely possibilities of this happening. The only real criticism I can say for this book was that the ending felt a bit rushed but never the less I still really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it! less
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Very enjoyable - distinctly Australian which is great to see.
I am going on an anti-nuclear march!
Amazing story! NO sequel please!!!!
Great read
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