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Welcome To The Underworld (2000)

by Con Template(Favorite Author)
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Welcome to the Underworld
review 1: This is one of the most engrossing Korean like romantic crime drama i have read since Sempre...which was also a fanfiction at first. I am quite happy to have discovered this upon a recommendation of a friend. Although the flow of the story and the characters were predictable but i find the author's writing style very engaging which is very right for this kind of story. The heroine Choi Yoori is a feisty yet clumsy character and I do enjoy her banter with the young crime lord of the Serpents Tae Hyun. Her character is shrouded in mystery from the beginning as she suffered from amnesia three years prior in a so called car accident. But unbeknownst to her that in meeting Tae Hyun will ultimately lead her to her dark past. Oh my GAWD the anticipation and the sparks that flew b... moreetween this two is just one of those romantic couples you want to ship so hard! Who can't resist a sometimes silly yet feisty girl like Choi Yoori head butt with her new boss the very arrogant Tae Hyun. I have my fair share of watching Korean drama and this is just like watching those kind of drama. I can tell why this was such a hit with the fanfic readers. I can't wait to dive into the sequel Fall of the Gods.
review 2: I only read the fanfiction version, but I don't think there are many differences between the book and the fanfiction. And if you can power through the less than stellar grammar, then you will be rewarded immensely by this story, I guarantee it!Welcome To The Underworld hits all the spots for crime story lover out there. What I loved about this story is how beautiful and complex the world building is. I don't care if how it was written was horrible. The story was AMAZING. There was never a moment when I saw the plot twists. THE PLOT TWISTS omg. They're an entirely different factor that you will love with this story.I'm going to wait for copies to be sold here in our country. (Or probably order the Kindle version soon!) I'm really looking forward to the edited versions. :D :D :DThe ending was unbelievable, though. Can someone please talk with me about that ending GAHD THAT RUINED MY LIFE OKAI less
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Can't wait for the next one. I enjoyed this one very much
This book was amazing. I loved everything about it.
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