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[Citation Needed]: The Best Of Wikipedia's Worst Writing (2011)

by Conor Lastowka(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 1
1466346981 (ISBN13: 9781466346987)
review 1: This was a quick and amusing read, highlighting selections from some really ridiculous writing actually found on real wikipedia articles. The passages are always followed by a snarky italicized commentary. I frequently laughed at the commentary, and was entertained by the variety of odd writing. Everything from unfortunate word choices that gave the selections a twisted double meaning, to obsessive pedantry about ridiculous topics, to out-and-out awful, nearly unreadable writing rounds out the types of things you can expect to laugh at in this funny collection of bad, bad writing culled from the internet's seventh largest website.
review 2: What it says on the tin. These are moderately amusing snippets of entries on Wikipedia that fall into categories like "se
... morentences that probably should never have been written" or "paragraphs that started off okay and then veered off toward Crazytown" or "oddly detailed anecdotes not entirely related to the topic at hand." This was a perfect book to read on my phone as each entry took up just about the space alloted by my screen, so I could page through a few entries here or there when I was bored. less
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Probably would not have read, but got free on kindle. Some of it was so bad, it was funny.
Among books that poke fun at inept royalty-free content, this one is not very long!
Very entertaining, very quick read. Author commentary is hit or miss.
Amusing and worth the $0.99asking price.
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