Chuck Close: Grid Drawing

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Chuck Close is a well-known artist most known for his grid drawings. Chuck Close began painting in what’s known as Chuch Close style after “the event”. The event is when Close became paralyzed from the neck down from a seizure. After months of physical therapy, he could move his arms and could walk for a few steps. He relies on a wheelchair to move around.

To continue painting he strapped paintbrushes to his wrists. His assistant would create grid squares and Close would paint in the low-resolution grid squares. When you step back the squares create a more cohesive image.

Chuck Close – Self Portrait

To create a drawing similar to his you can start by drawing something or choosing someone to draw.

Next, you’ll want to grid the image.

Pick your colors. Choose colors that are similar to the color in the image you’re drawing from. So, for flesh colors, you can use pinks and oranges or possibly blues. Remember this is your rendition so you can change it to green and blues if you want. Notice how Close doesn’t use only one color in each square. Mix it up.

Now you can color in the squares with interesting designs. I like keeping it more organic but you don’t necessarily have to.

Here is my own example:

Now go explore your own drawings and enjoy drawing in chuck close style.


Feel free to comment and share how you used the techniques in your own work.

If there is anything you would like me to go over, send me an email and I will try to make time for it.


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