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The Riding School (2013)

by C.P. Mandara(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I am English and so find overt mention of the most vanilla sex to be one part funny, one part squirm-inducing and one part oh good gosh. This book, which some wag loaded onto my office reader without so much as a do excuse me, is most definitely oh good gosh. I mean, well, Nanny had heels and a whip of course but that was just the uniform, there was no question of anything more than militaristic discipline in my youth, and even now when I am approaching my prime (mid fifties) I have no idea what half of this book was about and the rest I read with my eys shut. It's erotica indeed, and I shall simply say that the writing is excellent, the characters well-rounded (no pun intended) and the storyline engaging. Splendid stuff.
review 2: I won a copy of this short no
... morevella, the first in a series, in a reader giveaway event. I didn't read the book details on Goodreads or Amazon before reading it and have to say it was not what I was expecting at all! It involved a spoilt rich kid, Jenny, being sent by her father to Riding School. I assumed she was going to learn to ride, but no! This is a hot erotic read involving Pony Play, which I was vaguely aware of and whilst not my thing, I was intrigued enough to continue reading and to want to know more. The storyline flowed well, I enjoyed the characters involved and the sex scenes were definitely steamy. The only reason it lost one star for me was that the sex was non consensual, which pushes buttons for me, even more so that her father knowingly sent her there oblivious to what was about to happen. I'm sure many readers won't be put off by this, but whilst I appreciated the writers style, imagery, character descriptions and the steam factor, I won't continue with the series for the reason mentioned above. If you're into Pony Play (or even just intrigued) and aren't put off by non consensual erotica, then I am sure you will absolutely love the book! Go and try it. less
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I have NO idea what I just read.
Very erotic, very short.
Entertaining read
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