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The Better To Bite (2012)

by Cynthia Eden(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
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review 1: Once again, the author doesn't fail to entertain. Anna has a 'gift' which she considers to be a curse.... Nothing stays lost! Not her or anything or anyone she's looking for.... she always finds them. Her dad is a Detective and in the past, her ‘gift’ has helped her find missing people. Unfortunately, the people tend to be dead by the time she finds them which is why she considers it a curse. When her grandmother dies, they move back to Haven from Chicago and move into her dad’s old family home. Another reason for moving back is that her father is offered the position of Sheriff which puts him in the prime position to investigate the deaths of several hikers whose bodies are found in the woods.Haven, however, isn't your typical town and everyone seems to have t... moreheir secrets. There are witches, psychics, werewolves and hunters. Despite promising her father that she will stay out of the woods, Anna ventures into them and finds herself at the mercy of a feral wolf. In an attempt to get away from the wolf, she ends up climbing a tree! When the wolf is distracted and leaves, Anna thinks about climbing down when the hottest boy she has ever seen comes walking along without a top as if it's the most natural thing in the world to walk through the woods semi clothed! Rafe catches her when she falls from the tree and she almost forgets to breathe… not a very good first impression at all! At school, she makes friends with the school gossip Jenny, or rather Jenny makes friends with her, and she is introduced to Brent. Rafe and Brent used to be best buddies until about a year before when the killings started. Both Rafe and Brent show an interest in her, but Rafe warns her not to trust either of them. There is a killer wolf prowling the woods and whilst Anna and her dad have their suspicions, there is no definite proof. To confuse matters even more, there is a love triangle brewing between Anna, Rafe and Brent.I have only recently discovered this author and love the fact that I haven’t worked out who the bad guy is in any of her books. This was a short book but it was still thoroughly enjoyable.
review 2: Wow! I wasn't really expecting this to be what it was. Let me explain: The books I normally read from Cynthia Eden are, of course, shifter stories with a dominant male "and" woman who struggle to go through some intense life adventures while going through hot and heavy sexual escapades. THIS story was not really like that. It was SO MUCH BETTER!! You have a teenager who has an incredible gift/curse, depending on whose thinking it, who has moved to a new town with her father. She meets a few people, who also have a few secrets. There are also some wolves that wander in the woods. This story grabs you right from the beginning and just keeps going! There are some love interests, little humor, some action, a couple of BIG surprises and a few spots where it will tug your heart. But all in all, it is a really good 1st book. Because there will be a second book called: The Better To Howl that is coming out sometime this year. So, after me raving about how good this story was, why am I not giving it 5 stars? Because unfortunately, there were a few areas that was a little predictable and it did give some things away in the story. HOWEVER, there is enough in the story that is really good that helps you overlook this flaw. All in all, I highly recommend this book. (Just as an FYI, there are no sexual content in this book to be offensive to any young adult readers.) less
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Loved it and I'm really hoping there is another soon
I really enjoyed this and will read book two!
AMAZING...when is #2 coming
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