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Band- Aid For A Broken Leg (2013)

by Damien Brown(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 5
1743313772 (ISBN13: 9781743313770)
Allen & Unwin Australia
review 1: Loved this book. It is extremely well-written; managing to balance very difficult subject matter with delightful characterisation and story-telling, and all with great honesty. A section at the end really hit home for me in which Brown described something I've tried hard to explain to people in Australia after my experiences overseas: "... what it all boils down to is individuals. It's a simple interaction between two people: one, a person with opportunities and choices, and who could get a flight out tomorrow should they choose; the other, a person with few options - if any."
review 2: I wish I'd read this book before working with refugees from Sudan. It gave me much more of an insight into their lives than the word "refugee" possibly could. I now understand w
... morehat the meant when they said they worked in a hospital as a nurse and that this was something to be justifiably proud of. The challenge in adapting to life in Australia is immense and must be bewildering. The writing flows beautifully as the reader is drawn into the frenetic pace of providing medical care to patients with diverse needs from malaria, births gone wrong and the unending gunshot wounds. The brutality of some of the local men who appear to relish their uncontested power contrasted with the dedication and compassion of the health workers. less
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Fantastic book! Easy to read and he is very open and honest in his thoughts, feelings and opinions.
An amazing insight into what life is like as an aid worker.
Surprisingly compelling.
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