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Larry's Kidney LP: Being The True Story Of How I Found Myself In China With My Black Sheep Cousin And His Mail-Order Bride, Skirting The Law To Get Him A Transplant--and Save His Life (2009)

by Daniel Asa Rose(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 3
0061774685 (ISBN13: 9780061774683)
review 1: I thought this would be a lot more interesting than it was. The author spends most of his time satirically commenting on everything around him and while he tries to use the last few chapters to see the "positives" of all the people and places he spent the entire book poking fun of, I felt like it was a bit superficial. I think I was also disappointed because while I recognize it is a personal memoir, international medical tourism is a massive modern day phenomenon/issue and the author does absolutely nothing to address any of the various sides/issues in depth. He added a paragraph at the end of the book about organ donation, but I felt like the book could have been much richer if he had used his experience as an opportunity to learn more about the issue. Also felt a stron... moreg baby boomer self-centeredness in the writer's worldview...evidenced by his ability to fill an entire book by drawing out the experiences from a two month stay in the same hospital....
review 2: I started reading it... and admit that while reading it I actually laughed out loud at times.[return][return]But... I'd put it down and forget about it. Never really really wanting to pick it up again. It just didn't grab me.[return][return]This, of course, isn't much help as a review unless you personally know me and kind of know what books I like and which just don't do it for me.[return][return]I wish I could say more about why I stopped reading it or didn't want to continue. It really IS very funny and the characters are intriguing.[return][return]Might be interesting, too, for those who are interested in modern China from a different perspective than books written specifically about modern China. less
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Not bad. Some parts are really funny but hard to feel much sympathy for Larry.
Read the title? Now you've read the book -- no need to go any further.
Saw this on the Goodreads Giveaways and thought it looked neat.
Funny, creepy, sarcastic, interesting....ok.
Interesting, but morally dubious tale.
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