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Cocaine's Son: A Memoir (2011)

by Dave Itzkoff(Favorite Author)
2.88 of 5 Votes: 3
1400065720 (ISBN13: 9781400065721)
review 1: I am not usually one to quit on books mid-read, but, honestly, I couldn't make it through this one. It did not hold interest and was extremely one-sided. Perhaps I missed an amazing ending, but, in my opinion, it wasn't worth the annoyance of self righteousness and poor writing to get there. I hope the man and his father eventually found peace with each other, but, more importantly, with themselves.
review 2: I wanted so badly to like this. Someone that I respect said it was her favourite book so I was sure it would move me too. No such thing. I found the author unlikeable and whiny. He cries a lot. The family is messy and sort of charming so...that's kind of nice. There wasn't enough story for me but maybe that has something to do with the fact that I finis
... morehed "The Night of the Gun" two days before. Actually, just read that one instead. less
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audio -- a tale of father and son using cocaine in its hayday.
A good beginning, but after that, too disjointed.
Read in one day straight through.
Laaaaaame book.
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