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Bobby Bramble Loses His Brain (2009)

by Dave Keane(Favorite Author)
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0547056443 (ISBN13: 9780547056449)
Clarion Books
review 1: The young crowd is sure to like phrasing like:"It's bad enough having a little brother, " grumbled Bobby's older sister, Becky. "But a brainless little brother would be more than I could handle."and "You're really going to need your brain, Bobby," warned his little sister, Bonnie, "because you're not very pretty."Silly fun and wonderfully exagerated pictures to go along with the text. Including one especially funny picture of Bobby losing his brain.
review 2: Bobby Bramble is a little boy who can't sit still - he has "ants in his pants, a thirst for adventure, and energy to spare." Do you know any kids like that? I certainly do. This is a silly, zany romp that will make you and your favorite wiggle-worm giggle together.“Bobby Bramble liked to climb, so
... moremersault, jump, bounce, slide, swing, sprint, flip, hang upside down, and generally give gravity a run for its money.” Bobby's parents worry that he will crack his head open and, of course, one day he does just that. Much to everyone's surprise, Bobby's brain makes a bid for freedom and runs off like it has "a mind of its own." What follows is the madcap pursuit and recapture of Bobby's brain.David Clark's cartoon illustrations take the zany wordplay up and over the top, producing giggles in little kids as they spy Bobby's brain peaking out from under the manhole cover or zooming in front of the fire truck. Adults and older children will enjoy Dave Keane's clever word play: Bobby's family was worried that Bobby "would spend the rest of his days doing handstands and back flips without a thought in his head." The climax is a "classic battle of brain versus brawn" as Bobby rides his brain "like a seasoned rodeo cowboy."Share this with your favorite kid who likes to climb the highest fence or tree around. It will make you both laugh and remind you how important it is to take care of your noggin! Even kids who have trouble sitting still for story time will enjoy the fast pace and comic illustrations in this picture book. less
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Madcap chase. Curious if a head splitting open would be disturbing to anyone.
"brains, good review, humor"
a great story funny one to
A little bit grose.
Fun puns.
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