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The Squared Circle: Life, Death, And Professional Wrestling (2013)

by David Shoemaker(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
1592407676 (ISBN13: 9781592407675)
review 1: An absolutely fantastic read. It helps that I'm a pro wrestling fan of course, but really I don't think you have to like wrestling to appreciate this book. Shoemaker clearly did a lot of research into the history of pro wrestling and the history of the lives of these guys. Just an informative book on a subject Shoemaker clearly loves. You can't ask for much more out of a book. I just would have liked more about Macho Man, but at the same time you could right a whole book about the subject.
review 2: Started really well, tons of good history about the early days of wrestling and a good bios of wrestlers that i did't even know about. Newer stuff seems like they were too short or missing important bits and some cases just referencing Wikipedia entrys. I was es
... morepecially disappointment in the Ludvig Borga chapter, as he was a Finnish wrestler, i was looking forward to read about him more than others, but chapter was just short snippet without any real information. Anyway, early parts of the book makes this 3 ½ stars book and it's still hard to read anything about Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit, they were my favorite wrestlers back in the day. less
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Incredibly great for wrestling fans, pretty great for anyone who is literate.
A lot of information I already knew about, but worth a listen.
Great read on my first "sports" love, pro wrestling.
Great book on an industry that is still so guarded.
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