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Rescue Ink: How Ten Guys Saved Countless Dogs And Cats, Twelve Horses, Five Pigs, One Duck,and A Few Turtles (2009)

by Denise Flaim(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
0670021164 (ISBN13: 9780670021161)
Viking Adult
review 1: I have recently been getting more and more involved in the grassroots rescue organizations, and stumbled upon this book at the library. I immediately took it off the shelf because I was drawn to the tattoos, burly men and pits (a breed I have a soft spot for), but I was immediately drawn into the story. The guys are actually based here on Long Island, so I particularly enjoyed it because I knew every town they were talking about, and it was cool to hear about the efforts of the shelters and clinics that I have actually been to. Even more special, is that I got to meet them two weeks ago at an event here on the Island, and got them to sign the book. The work they do is great, I couldn't gush enough about them as individuals. Their show on the National Geographic Channel act... moreually chronicles many of these stories. The show even managed to capture the happy ending of the case of an elderly man abusing animals and harassing neighbors, by showing how Rescue Ink outsmarted him and testified against him in court. While a lot of the stories can be seen in the episodes, it's a great introduction to each of the guys, their backgrounds, and how Rescue Ink came to be. Highly recommend it!
review 2: Oodles of ink and biker bad boys of brawn with a soft spot for animals? I won't lie: I was absolutely without a doubt destined to dig this one no matter the "literary quality," so, of course, I did. I just wonder, are any of them single??? But, back to the matter @ hand, the books good, not great, and the tales of animal cruelty left this vegan's blood a-boil. Nice to know that the animals have friends in "low" and delightfully persuasive places. less
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too much about the guys, not enough follow through on the animals
I want to join this gang...how do I sign up?
Light hearted, quick read.
book club pick
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