Murder at the Brightwell 4 (Chapters 9 – 18)


I have to say that Milo has surprised me. I thought he was all wrong, and I was ready to dislike him in favour of Gil. Yet, as we get to know him, I like him better. He is not a goody two shoes, as he is quite cheeky and a bit rakish. Yet, he is the kind of rogue that you find amusing and enchanting.

When Gill is arrested, Milo is in the room with both Amory and Gill when DI Jones comes. After the detective takes the man away, Amory persuades her husband to help him investigate the other guests, and reluctantly Amory agrees. The man keeps flirting with her, and despite what she says, she is in love with him. So she lets him kiss her and the following day he moves into her room, and they make love.

Amory thinks that there was no lost love between Rupert and the other people. What she learns is that Rupert tended to be a philanderer, so maybe a woman is the reason why he was killed. Amory follows Mr Hamilton as he walks along the beach in the dark, and she sees him pick up something, and later she realises that it can be the murder weapon.

The following day Gill is released thanks to the barrister he has, and he sees her and Milo kiss. Amory is disappointed as he realises that Milo has kissed her just because Gill was there watching, and her hopes for her marriage vanish. When she talks to Gill, she promises that she will find out who the murderer is, and even though Gill tells him not to, she is adamant. I now realise that Gill is a bit of a weakling, and instead of offering to help, he just tries to stop him. In that sense, I like Milo best as he is ready to help Amory even if it also means helping his adversary in his wife’s affections.

I have no idea who the killer is. We don’t have many clues.

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