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With Cruel Intent (2013)

by Dennis F. Larsen(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 4
1481944177 (ISBN13: 9781481944175)
review 1: This entertaining romance derives much of its pleasure in Blanche's interaction with her three suitors. Jasper is by far the most entertaining and heroic character, the criminology student is kind and adorable. To say the novel works on stereotypes is kinda true, but an updated version of them. The good guys are good guys and the bad are bad. In a novel about the south with a main character named Blanche, what else could you expect. It does have a crime thriller aspect to it as well, which sits just a little less than even with the romance. The novel has several tricks, and for $1 it's worth a read.
review 2: With Cruel Intent is a very good first attempt at a novel. It is well thought out and tells the story without rushing. I would have liked to have learne
... mored more about the characters as they were engaging to read about and would have added more depth and layers to the story. The ending was suspenseful and satisfying. My biggest issue with the book is the continual description of Blanche's physique. It was definitely overkill and off putting to the female reader. I would cringe at yet another bosom insert. At times reading like a teen novel. The author needs to keep his writing true to the chosen audience for the book. More sophisticated editing would also help the book flow better for the reader. Overall, I liked the plot, writing style and interesting storyline. less
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I enjoyed the suspense and the setting in Valdosta, Ga.
Slow moving. Plot was unrealistic.
Amazon (ebook) freebie 1/23/13
way to deep
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